Apr 29, 2013

Studio final: yoga in location

At the start of the semester, I used hot lights to explore my body doing yoga poses. I wanted to show the curves that the body could make, and I wanted to acclimate myself to the studio setting. For my final project, I decided to take my knowledge and the concept of the human body outside. I took my yoga instructor out and shot her in an urban setting. I took out the Alien Bee lights, used one close to the ground, and let her practice. The lines and curves of her body in juxtaposition with the curves and lines of the space around her worked beautifully. And, of couse, she was beautiful as well. 

Apr 9, 2013

Light painting: death and magic

Death is only the beginning. 

Texture: the human body.

texture: touch.
self portraits.

Specular highlights: Grandma's Legacy

My grandmother is starting to fade away. 
Before it gets too bad, 
she let me go through her jewelry and pick out pieces of her to keep with me.
I will forever keep these pieces
as memories of the woman who raised me
and keep her beside me, always.

Small Strobe Workshop: Justin

Zero f**cks given. 

Mar 11, 2013

Three lights: Shoe fetish.

When it comes to shoes, I'm a dictator of taste. 

White background.
Massive softboxes on camera left and camera right.
Highly placed beauty dish camera rear.
Five pairs of shoes.
One Studio Monkey.